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TUPAN's history begins in 2007 with Turbomachine Co., founded by Engineer Alberto Carlos Pereira Filho. At that time, his team was challenged by Petrobras to develop the first Brazilian gas turbine at the CTA/ITA facilities. It was a 50 kW stationary turbogenerator leading to the co-development of a 1 MW turbo engine. In 2009, Avibras requested the development of the TJ1000 turbojet engine to power the MTC300 missile for the Brazilian army.

Since 2016, the company has been working with foreign clients, providing services in the propulsion area. The company is developing a turbofan engine with 1200 kgf of mixed thrust, an unprecedented strategic technology in the country, with the development of propellers with a high thrust/weight ratio. M.Sc. Alberto Pereira founded TUPAN, with the aim of overcoming the tremendous aeronautical challenge of providing a VTOL aircraft with an efficient cruise flight, where the engines are adequately designed for this purpose, with the significant difference being that it can meet the flight requirements.

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Tupan intends to create a new global market for Autonomous Air Cargo Transport and the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) market, manufacturing drones
with aeronautical technology.


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Currently, considering the advancement of technology and automation in the commercial and industrial sectors, companies' interest in increasing the efficiency of internal processes has become paramount, aiming to make greater use of their activities.

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Fastest response

Today, advancements in hardware and software are more efficient, enabling faster operation of the calculation, forecasting and control system than a human can achieve and providing decision support to a supervisory person tasked with completing tasks.

Remote Browsing

With the rapid development of telecommunications, particularly in data transmission, global positioning and telemetry, large amounts of data can now be transmitted between distant locations across the world, even in remote areas. This allows for remote supervision of navigation, minimizing the impact of human factors and making it possible to use small aircraft that cannot accommodate a pilot due to their size and weight limitations.

Innovative Technology

Turbofan engines have a high thrust-to-weight ratio, contributing to high-speed flights with low fuel and battery consumption. Furthermore, TUPAN aircraft are equipped with Electric Ducted Fan engines inside the fuselage for greater safety, especially during the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) phase. These engines activate during VTOL or in the event of a flight failure, providing reliable emergency support.

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